Sakura and Kero and the Mysterious Teacher

Sakura once again has the dream in which she is facing the Tokyo Tower. She clearly sees Ms. Mizuki, but this time, Mizuki is accompanied by another figure with long hair and wings. She wakes up early to see Yukito compete in an archery competition. Sakura explains what she knows of her dream to Kero before running down to make breakfast. She meets up with Syaoran and Tomoyo at the archery competition, and Kero tags along too. At the archery tournament, Sakura finds that Ms. Mizuki is one of the challengers and ends up in the finals alongside Yukito. During the fierce match, Kero pokes his head out of Sakura's bag upon sensing tremendous magical power, shooting a piercing glare at Ms. Mizuki. Sensing his gaze, Ms. Mizuki loses her focus and the tournament. Later during lunch, Sakura discovers that Kero is missing from her bag. Searching for him, she is astonished to find him in the middle of a private conversation with Ms. Mizuki. While walking home, they run into Toya once again, this time dressed in a bear costume giving out balloons. After he leaves, there is an earthquake, likely caused by the final Clow Card.

  • Nanase Ohkawa
  • Tsubaki Nekoi
  • Mokona Apapa

Release Date: 1998-04-07
Seasons: 1 2 3
TMDb: 7.4/10
  • Country: JP
  • Language: Ja
  • Runtime: 30

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